Oil Refinery, Central Scotland

Occasionally, there are jobs which take us to some far flung places and none more so than the work we did at a large Oil Refinery in Central Scotland. Its about as far from our usual environment as could be possible!

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Sycamore Tree, Alva

This sycamore tree had to be removed due to the large split at the base of the trunk where the two main limbs had grown apart.

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Ash tree, Ceantral Scotland

We were asked to safely dismantle a very large Ash tree that was leaning out over a river.

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BC rainforest, Canada

Vancouver- Arboriculture in the BC rainforest! Working for Daves tree Service, of North Vancouver.

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Monterey Cypress tree, Ireland

Working alongside Monaghans Tree Services of Athboy, County Meath. The task was the safe sectional felling of an ancient Monterey Cypress tree in the grounds of a healthcare facility in Dublin.

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